Dosage form: solution
Package Size: 5 ampoules of 5 ml
Brand & Manufacturer: EVER Pharma

Pharmachologic effect:
nootropic agent - a pay attention containing low molecular weight biologically energetic neuropeptides (molecular weight does now not exceed 10 thousand da), which penetrate the bbb and immediately enter the nerve cells. It has a neuroprotective impact, affords purposeful neuromodulation, metabolic regulation of the mind, and has neurotrophic interest. The neuroprotective impact is due to the protection of neurons from the harmful impact of lactic acidosis, prevention of the formation of loose radicals and a decrease inside the concentration of lpo merchandise inside the model of ischemia - reperfusion. Increases vitality and prevents neuronal loss of life below conditions of hypoxia and ischemia, reduces the harmful neurotoxic effect of amino acids (glutamate); suppresses apoptosis with the aid of inhibiting palpain and caspaase. Metabolic regulation is completed with the aid of increasing the performance of cardio power metabolism inside the brain, which results in improved intracellular protein synthesis in the developing and getting older mind. Neurotrophic activity is due to the stimulation of synapse formation and the prevention of microglial cell activation and the induction of astrogliosis. Purposeful neuromodulation: has a superb effect on impaired cognitive features, improves attention, memorization and replica of statistics associated with short-term reminiscence, increases the capacity to accumulate and preserve talents, turns on the method of mental hobby, improves temper. By using contributing to the formation of positive emotions, it has a modulating effect on behavior.

Cerebrolysin Indications for use: 
cerebrovascular insufficiency (discirculatory encephalopathy), ischemic stroke (acute segment and in the stage of rehabilitation), circumstance after hemorrhagic stroke, worrying brain damage (concussion, tbi, condition after brain surgical operation), mental retardation in youngsters, reduced capability to concentrate in kids, dementia syndrome of numerous origins (presenile - alzheimer's disorder, senile alzheimer's type, vascular - multi-infarction form, blended paperwork), endogenous despair immune to antidepressants.

Contraindications: allergy, acute renal failure, popularity epilepticus. With warning. Pregnancy (i trimester).

Facet outcomes: allergies, hyperthermia (towards the background of rapid intravenous infusion), ache at the injection web site.

Cerebrolysin Dosage and management: 

im or iv drip. In acute situations (ischemic stroke, tbi, complications after neurosurgical operations) - intravenous drip, for 60-90 minutes, 10-60 ml in 100-250 ml of 0.Nine% nacl solution; the period of the route is 10-25 days. Inside the residual period of stroke and worrying mind injury - iv, five-10 ml for 20-30 days. With psychoorganic syndrome and despair - iv, five-10 ml for 20-25 days (dementia) or 10-15 days (melancholy). In neuropediatric exercise - intramuscularly, 1-2 ml (up to 1 ml according to 10 kg of body weight) for 1 month, with a repetition of the direction 2-three instances a year. For alzheimer's ailment, vascular dementia and blended genesis - intravenous drip, 20-30 ml in one hundred-2 hundred ml of zero.9% nacl answer. The path of remedy is 20 infusions.

Unique commands: care have to be taken whilst prescribing the drug at some stage in being pregnant (particularly within the first trimester), for the duration of lactation, with allergic diathesis, epilepsy.

Interplay: enhances the effect of antidepressants.

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