Prostalamin [Prostate Peptides] 40 tablets
  • Prostalamin [Prostate Peptides] 40 tablets

Prostalamin [Prostate Peptides] 40 tablets


Prostalamin To normalize and improve the function of the prostate gland and genitourinary system


29Instructions for Prostalamin

Cytamines contain regulatory peptides that are completely identical to the peptides of the human body.

Peptides are substances that regulate intracellular processes and ensure the normal functioning of organs.
Prostalamine (Peptides) - normalizing the functions of the prostate gland. Normalizes urination, restores sexual function.
Active ingredient: a complex of proteins and nucleoproteids isolated from the prostate gland of cattle

Prostatitis, prostate adenoma stage I-II, violation of urination, disorder of sexual function.
Prostate adenoma
Partial androgen deficiency syndrome
Lower urinary tract syndrome
Pre- and postoperative period during operations on the prostate gland
Acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the prostate gland
Spermatogenesis disorders
Geriatric practice

Increase and duration of sexual intercourse
Improving the general condition of men and specific manifestations of the disease
Restoration of prostate function in prostatitis
Also disorders of sexual function and disorders

Take orally ten to fifteen minutes before meals.
Two, three times a day
Within 10-15 days (repeated course in three to six months).

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