Renisamin [Kidney Peptides] 40 tablets
  • Renisamin [Kidney Peptides] 40 tablets

Renisamin [Kidney Peptides] 40 tablets


Renisamin Contributes to the normalization and improvement of kidney function in various disorders, to protect the kidneys after illness, as well as when taking antibiotics


Instructions for Renisamin

Active ingredient:

complex of proteins and nucleoproteins isolated from the kidneys of cattle and pigs, 0.01 g
Cytamins (natural peptides)

Biologically active additive does not immet side effects, non-hormonal
Consists only of natural ingredients, Peptides

Renisamin - normalizing kidney function.

It has a bioregulatory effect on the kidneys. Activates metabolism and secretory function.

Cytamins contain regulatory peptides that are completely identical to the peptides of the human body.

Peptides are substances that regulate intracellular processes and ensure the normal functioning of all organs.

Violations of kidney function with nephritis and nephrosis.
Chronic kidney disease
Chronic renal failure
Hypertension stage 1, especially in young people
In kidney surgery (pre- and postoperative period)
With nephritis, nephrosis, renal failure
hypertension, diabetes mellitus and gout
To protect the kidneys after illness, as well as when taking antibiotics
Acute renal failure

tidesActivation of metabolism of renal tissue
Reducing the severity of manifestations of urinary syndrome: proteinuria, cylindruria
Strengthening the secretory function of the kidneys

How to take, course of administration and dosage Renisamin
Inside, 10-15 minutes before meals, 0.01-0.02 g 2-3 times a day for 10-15 days (repeated course after 3-6 months).

Data sheet

Shelf life
Always fresh
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