SELANK @ 3 ml 0.15%
SELANK @ 3 ml 0.15%

SELANK @ 3 ml 0.15%

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Selank anxiolytic agent, improves memory, speech, increases attention, activates learning processes, in particular, memorization, analysis and reproduction of information
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Country of manufacture
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Instructions for Selank

Form of release
Nasal drops

Nasal drops in the form of a colorless transparent liquid.

1 ml
threonyl-lysyl-prolyl-arginyl-prolyl-glycine-proline diacetate 1.5 mg
Excipients: methylparahydroxybenzoate (nipagin) - 1 mg, purified water - up to 1 ml.

3 ml - glass bottles (1) with a pipette cork - packs cardboard.
3 ml - glass bottles (1) with a pipette - packs cardboard.

ATC codes
N05BX Other anxiolytics

Active ingredient
threonyl-lysyl-prolyl-arginyl-prolyl-glycine-proline diacetate

Pharmaco-therapeutic group
Anxiolytic agent (tranquilizer)

Drugs Selank
Synthetic analogue of endogenous peptide taftzin, has an original mechanism of neurospecific action on the central nervous system.

It has an anti-anxiety effect with an antidepressant effect; anti-asthenic action. Eliminates symptoms of anxiety, anxiety, fear, apathy, depression and asthenia.

Improves cognitive functions, memory, speech, increases attention, activates learning processes, in particular, memorization, analysis and reproduction of information. Normalizes psychomotor reactions.

Under stress, it eliminates emotionally negative stress and stimulates the development of adaptive behavior aimed at achieving a useful result.

Testimony Selank
Anxiety: unmotivated anxiety, anxiety; panic attacks; neurasthenia; asthenia; mood instability; sleep disorders; decrease in will, initiation of activity, indecision, difficulties in making decisions, self-doubt; uncertainty in communication; adjustment disorders.

Prevention and treatment of stress disorders.

Method of administration, course and dosage
Topical application. The dosage regimen is individual, depending on the indications, the age of the patient and the clinical situation.

Use in pregnancy and breastfeeding
Contraindicated use during pregnancy and lactation (breastfeeding).

Side effects
Perhaps: the development of allergic reactions with individual intolerance; unpleasant taste sensations when the drug Selank used from the nasal cavity enters the mucous membrane of the pharynx.

Contraindications to use
Pregnancy, lactation (breastfeeding); children under 18 years of age; hypersensitivity to the active substance.

Special instructions
With intranasal use, the effectiveness of absorption may decrease in the presence of increased discharge of the nasal mucosa, therefore, before use (instillation), it is recommended to clean the nasal passage.

Use in children
The drug Selank is contraindicated for use in children and adolescents under the age of 18 years

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