Vasalamin [Peptides for vessels] 40 tablets

Vasalamin [Peptides for vessels] 40 tablets

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Supporting the function of the vascular system, to improve blood microcirculation in various organs and tissues
Brand:Clinic of the Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology
Country of manufacture:Russia
Expiration date:Always fresh
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Instructions for Vasalamin

Vasalamine Peptides tablets coated with intestinal-soluble coating 155 mg 40 pcs.

Vasalamin has an angioprotective effect. Components of biologically active additives strengthen capillary walls, improve microcirculation in blood vessels and lower blood cholesterol level.


Composition 1 tablet:
active ingredient: vasalamine powder (complex of nucleoproteins and proteins obtained from cattle vessels); auxiliary components: calcium stearate, methylcellulose, lactose, potato starch, intestinal-soluble coating.


Vasalamine is recommended to be taken to maintain the functional activity of vessels within physiological boundaries. The agent is used for microcirculation disorders in tissues and organs, cerebrovascular disorders, atherosclerosis and age-related changes in vessels.
It is recommended to take a biologically active supplement at the initial stages of hypertension and in case of impaired microcirculation in various organs and tissues of the body.

Vasalamine is a bioregulator of vessels. Normalizes the function of vascular tissue, contributes to an increase in the elasticity of the vascular wall, a decrease in its permeability.

Method of application and dose of additive
Adults from one to three tablets of vasalamine!!!!.
Two, three times a day take a day.
Before eating for ten to fifteen minutes before eating, do not chew a pill.
Duration of medication 10-14 days.

Adults have one or three tablets, two or three times a day, 10-15 minutes before eating, do not chew. The duration of the reception is 10-14 days.
Can be used in pregnancy and breastfeeding
Contraindicated in case of individual intolerance of components of biologically active supplement

Interaction with other drugs Peptides
Before use, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

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