Cortexin has a nootropic, neuroprotective, antioxidant and tissue-specific effect, improves the higher functions of the brain, learning and memory processes, concentration of attention, resistance to various stressful influences

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Instructions for Cortexin

Pharmacological properties

The drug Cortexin of polypeptide nature, which has a tissue-specific effect on the cerebral cortex. It has a cerebroprotective, nootropic and anticonvulsant effect, reduces the toxic effects of neurotropic substances, improves the learning process, memorization, stimulates reparative processes in the brain, accelerates the restoration of brain functions after stressful effects.

The mechanism of action of Cortexin is associated with its metabolic activity: the drug Cortexin regulates the ratio of inhibitory and excitatory amino acids in the central nervous system, the level of serotonin and dopamine, has a GABA-ergic effect, has antioxidant activity and the ability to restore the bioelectric activity of the brain.

Cortexin is a balanced, optimal combination of a complex of neuropeptides and L-amino acids with an average half-life of up to 30 minutes, which does not allow to determine the absorption, distribution and discretion of peptide residues.


  • Craniocerebral trauma, 
  • cerebral circulation, 
  • viral and bacterial neuroinfections, 
  • asthenic conditions, 
  • encephalopathy of various origins, 
  • acute and chronic encephalitis and encephalomyelitis, 
  • epilepsy (in complex treatment), impaired memory, 
  • thinking, decreased ability to learn, 
  • suprasegmental autonomic disorders, 
  • various forms of cerebral palsy, 
  • delayed psychomotor and speech development in children.

Enter / m. The contents of the bottle are dissolved in 1-2 ml of 0.5% r-ra procaine, water for injection or isotonic sodium chloride and impose daily 1 time per day.
Adults are administered at a dose of 10 mg for 5-10 days; children weighing up to 20 kg are administered from the first days of life at a dose of 5 mg, more than 20 kg - at a dose of 10 mg for 5-10 days.
If necessary, the course of treatment is repeated after 1-6 months.


Hypersensitivity to the drug, the period of pregnancy and lactation.

Side effects

In rare cases (in persons with hypersensitivity) allergic reactions are possible.

Special instructions
Does not affect the ability to work with mechanisms and drive vehicles.

Compatible with all groups of drugs Cortexin.

Cases of overdose are not described.

storage conditions
In a dry place at a temperature of 2-20 ° C.


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