SEMAX improves cognitive or cognitive processes of the brain, such as memory, learning, attention, increases mental performance; improves the adaptation of brain cells to hypoxia, anesthesia and other damaging effects

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Semax 0.1% is an innovative Russian drug created by scientists from Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov and the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, aimed at restoring and normalizing brain functions. "Semax 0.1%" restores the interaction of cells of the central nervous system, being a medicine for memory, concentration, mental performance and other key functions of the brain. The action of "Semax 0.1%" as a drug for memory and brain function is based on the ability of regulatory neuropeptides to affect the performance of the central nervous system.

Semax 0.1% for healthy people
As a medicine for memory and attention "Semax 0.1%" can be used as a supportive agent for chronic fatigue, stress and emotional overload. "Semax 0.1%" improves memory, increases mental activity and stress resistance, normalizes the functionality of brain cells, regulates the psycho-emotional sphere.

Semax 0.1% in pediatrics
Being a medicine to improve brain and memory function, "Semax 0.1%" can be prescribed to school-age children to correct behavior and stimulate brain activity, because modern educational programs require maximum concentration and attention from students, and not everyone is able to cope with the stress on their own organism. Many schoolchildren have a decrease in mental activity in the classroom, attention deficit, restlessness, dysgraphia and dyslalia.

"Semax 0.1%" normalizes concentration, composure and the ability to adequately perceive and present information. As a medicine to improve attention and concentration, Semax 0.1% helps children cope with everyday mental stress. Also, to improve attention, the drug "Semax 0.1%" can be prescribed to students during preparation for sessions and passing exams.

Semax 0.1% in neurology
"Semax 0.1%" is used in the recovery period in the treatment of neurological diseases:
Dyscirculatory encephalopathy;
Transient disorders of cerebral circulation;
Traumatic brain injury;
Diabetic neuropathy;
The consequences of ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes;
and others.
The effectiveness of "Semax 0.1%" in the correction of neurological diseases has been proven by long-term clinical experience and research.

Semax 0.1% in ophthalmology
In ophthalmology "Semax 0.1%" is prescribed for the treatment of degenerative eye diseases, including optic nerve atrophy and glaucoma.

The amino acids that make up "Semax 0.1%" are natural substances for the body that are already available to each person, which is why the phenomena of overdose could not be detected even with a significant increase in the single dose. Nerve cells use only the amount of medication they need to regulate their activity. The possibility of using the drug in various fields of medicine, as well as the form of administration in the form of nasal drops, and not in the form of tablets to improve memory and other impaired functions, makes it a unique drug.

Semax 1% - Medicine after a stroke
Reduces the effects of damage to brain cells;
Restores damaged connections between neurons and impaired functions;
Reduces the terms of recovery and rehabilitation;
Normalizes the emotional and mental state of patients.
The properties of the innovative drug Semax and the effectiveness of its effect on nerve cells allow it to replace several drugs at once with various pharmacological actions or forms of administration, including tablets and injections. "Semax 1%" is available in a convenient package in the form of nasal drops, for one recovery course you need 2 bottles. The drug can be used even at home as monotherapy, and in combination with other drugs after a stroke, as well as in combination with therapeutic walking and gymnastics exercises included in the recovery period program.

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