Pankramin [Peptides Pancreas] 40 tablets

Pankramin [Peptides Pancreas] 40 tablets

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Pankramin Improves pancreatic function, normalizes digestion and metabolism in the body
Brand:Clinic of the Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology
Country of manufacture:Russia
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Instructions for Pankramin

The supplement consists of natural Peptides that act only on the affected cells

Pankramin is obtained from the pancreas of cattle and is a complex of proteins and nucleoproteins that have a selective effect on the cellular structures of the pancreas and contribute to the acceleration of recovery, normalization of pancreatic functions. Clinical trials were conducted in 118 patients with chronic pancreatitis and latent form of diabetes.
The control group consisted of 96 similar patients who were on traditional treatment. The criteria for assessing the effectiveness of Peptides were the complaints of patients, as well as indicators of general clinical blood and urine tests, biochemical blood tests, studies of duodenal contents, dynamics of the glucose tolerance test. At the end of the course of use of Pankramin in patients with chronic pancreatitis, there was an improvement in appetite and a decrease in the frequency of dyspeptic disorders. Objectively, there was a tendency to increase the activity of pancreatic enzymes (trypsin and a-amylase), which correlated with an improvement in clinical symptoms. In patients with latent diabetes mellitus, Pankramin was used under the control of a glucose tolerance test.

Before the use of Peptides (after sugar load), patients had a characteristic glycemic curve, and against the background of the use of Pankramin when setting the test, a gradual decrease in blood glucose levels with subsequent normalization was revealed. In the control group, these changes were not detected. Particular attention should be paid to the issue of the presence of insulin in Peptides. At the Institute of Macromolecular Compounds of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a study was conducted using high-performance liquid chromatography, indicating the absence of traces of insulin in Pankramin. The technology of obtaining semi-finished products from the pancreas provides for a long stay of the starting material in a strongly alkaline environment in which insulin is destroyed.


Form of release
Contraindicated in pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Violation of the function of the pancreas in acute and chronic pancreatitis, diabetes mellitus.
Digestive disorders
Disorders of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, metabolic syndrome
Chronic and acute pancreatitis, diabetes mellitus
Prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Adults 1-3 tablets 2-3 times a day, 10-15 minutes before meals, without chewing. Duration of admission 10-14 days.
Use in pregnancy and breastfeeding

Contraindicated in individual intolerance to the components. Consult a physician before use.

Dosage and administration
Adults 1-3 tablets 2-3 times a day, 10-15 minutes before meals, without chewing. Duration of admission 10-14 days.
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